Fx empire natural gas

The hydrocarbon-based natural gas from the fossil fuels group is found in the form of large volumes of gas, trapped in the cavities of porous rocks underground or above the oil beds.

Natural gas; It is a colorless, odorless and airless gas consisting of 95% methane, small amounts of ethane, propane atom, butane and carbon dioxide. Since natural gas is odorless, it is specially scented for detecting leaks. For this purpose, THT (tetra hydro theophen) and / or TBM (tertiary butyl mercaptan) are used. Methane gas, which is 95% or higher in the mixture, is characterized by having the simplest chemical structure fx empire natural gas and the lowest carbon content. The methane molecule consists of 1 carbon 4 hydrogen atoms.

Because of its simple chemical structure, combustion is easy and full combustion takes place. , Which therefore; does not generate smoke, soot, soot, and ash. It is the fuel that is most easily adjusted and has the highest combustion efficiency. This feature provides ease of use and economy. Due to the low carbon content, the emission of carbon dioxide gas, which creates a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and is toxic to human health, is 1/3 of solid fuels and 1/2 of liquid fuels.


The presence of natural gas in Turkey in 1970 were identified in Kırklareli Institutions, Pınarhisar in 1976 began to be used in cement Fabrikası`N. In 1975, the natural gas in the Mardin Çamurlu area was given to the Mardin Cement Factory in 1982. The limited reserves in resources prevented the expansion of consumption.

The work on the use of natural gas in industrial and urban networks began after the agreement on natural gas shipment signed with the USSR in 1984 with the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 84/8806. Natural gas was first used in Ankara in 1988 as domestic and commercial in the city. In 1992, the natural gas market expanded in Istanbul, Bursa, Eskisehir and Izmit.

It presented the annual natural gas consumption in Turkey amount of the agreements signed in 2005 with 40 billion cubic meters; It is expected to reach 55 billion m³ in 2010. There is no risk of cutting natural gas especially in domestic use. Most of the gas is used in the industry, and gas distribution companies make a special contract with their subscribers in the industry to reduce the amount of gas it gives to the industry in case of a shortage of gas supply and give it to the houses. Such a situation is unlikely today because
gas supply is more than demand in our country.

In Turkey it is also provided in the exit gas and a limited amount of use. Turkey natural gas pipeline from the mainly Russia and Iran, Algeria and Nijerya` from liquefied (LNG) by sea to buy as is. It has also concluded agreements fx empire natural gas with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan for the supply of natural gas.

Turkey, is shown by energy experts as one of the world’s fastest growing on the market. Economic growth and limited natural resources increase the energy import requirement of our country. Turkey is a bridge between the Middle East and the Caspian Sea due to the strategic location and natural gas production areas in the European consumer market.