Insurance your mobile phone: how does it work?

When you buy a new smartphone, especially when it is expensive, a question may arise: should he ensure his mobile phone or not? If the phone is today one of the most used tools everyday, mobile insurance is still little known to the general public. What are the possible guarantees of a mobile insurance? What are the exclusion cases? What about the profitability of the investment? Here below is the basics to know and that will be useful to you about mobile insurance.

Mobile insurance: what does it cover?

We know that these little everyday objects are fragile and break quickly. This is especially true that they are handled almost all the time sometimes. This ceaseless manipulation also attracts the eye and especially that of the thief who can take your Android or your iPhone hands easily enough that it is run in the exercise. It is also quite common to see this type of techniques snatched in tourist places. What to think about the insurance of your good on these occasions and for the life of every day.

Breakage assured, is it possible today?

The breakage is the main reason that encourages a person to take out a mobile insurance . Indeed, at present, although phones are more sophisticated, they remain fragile products. A fairly large drop and the screens of some models can break or the shell crack. In these cases, the insurance can cover the damage provided that the breakage is due to an external event (an external cause to prove by all means).


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This means that if your phone has been damaged due to clumsiness on your part, you will not be compensated by your insurer. Things will be different if you have been jostled or pushed. The deadline to make a declaration of breakage of his mobile phone is 5 days. If you do not respect this deadline, your insurer is entitled to refuse to compensate you. It should be noted that the insurance does not cover damage that does not affect the operation of the phone.

Theft covered by your insurer

Mobile theft may be covered by insurance, provided the theft has been accompanied by an assault. Thus, to hope for a refund, you will have to attach a copy of the complaint that you filed with the police station to your declaration of loss. If it is a pickpocketing, compensation remains possible, but you will have to prove that there was no negligence on your part, something that is often difficult.

The most common exclusions

Like any contract, mobile insurance contracts can provide for various cases of exclusion. Here are the most common of them:

  • The mobile insurance generally does not cover commercial and business phones;
  • Your insurer will not compensate you if your mobile phone was stolen when it was in your vehicle. Likewise, if you have simply lost it (except external cause);
  • Finally, mobile insurance does not intervene if your phone breaks down. For this type of problem, it is better to play your manufacturer’s warranty.

What about the profitability of a mobile insurance?

The main advantage of a mobile insurance is that it allows you to get compensation for your smartphone when possible (theft or damage caused by a third party). Nevertheless, the restrictions are sometimes numerous. In practice, it is really profitable to subscribe to a mobile insurance that during the first year and if your phone is particularly expensive (insurance without cap of compensation).

If you decide to insure your phone, take the time to read your contract in order to understand the main lines: guarantees, exclusions, deductible, ceilings of refund …